MGM China CEO: Macau Gamblers Might Have Changed Their Behaviour Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

MGM China CEO: Macau Gamblers Might Have Changed Their Behaviour Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Macau – MGM China CEO and Executive Director Grant Bowie has today spoke out about the ‘critical’ changes required by gaming operators in Macau in order to build confidence and avoid another shutdown as third and fourth wave of Covid-19 is feared.

Bowie, who has been at the firm since 2008, also stated during the maiden event of IAG’s Gaming Asia Mega Experience, that confidence is key to reconnecting with customers as some of them might have changed their behaviours or habits because of the global crisis:

“The issue of social distancing, the whole issue of confidence is going to be critical. We have to get people to be able to travel freely and with confidence back into Macau and then we’ve got to reconnect with our customers. Some of those people might have changed their behaviours and changed their habits.

That’s going to be an interesting time for us all but I would expect that the whole issue comes down to a very simple word: confidence. It’s about safety, confidence from our customers in terms of their personal capacity and then we’ve got to demonstrate that we’re doing all of the steps and testing that we need to do because I think we need to be realistic if we listen to the science.

We’ve seen the first wave in Macau and the second wave, but let’s hope the third and fourth wave are totally isolated. Off and on would be a terrible situation for us to be in.”

Grant Bowie also said that he believes the current and ongoing global pandemic will alter the gaming landscape for some time:

“I think will be more spaced out, I don’t think we’ll get the concentrations of people for quite some time.

As we see it now, there are restrictions that the government has reasonably imposed and until such time as we can demonstrate that we can operate safely those restrictions will apply, so limiting the number of people at each gaming table, limiting the concentration of people around gaming machines, whether people must wear masks, use sanitizer.

There is also the issue of cleaning chips as we go, so all of those things need to be put in place to provide that level of confidence. And it will need to be continuously monitored and continuously assessed.”

MGM China Holdings Limited is an investment holding company principally engaged in the development and operation of casino games of chance in Macau.

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