Red Tiger Truly Mastered Game Development – Director Of Business Development

Red Tiger Truly Mastered Game Development - Director Of Business Development

Director Of Business Development at Red Tiger, one of the leading iGaming software firms in Europe at the moment, Carl Ejlertsson, has recently stated that the company is growing strong in the gaming market because it has ‘truly mastered game development’ and is ‘magically efficient in all aspects of product development’ whilst talking with online slots game catalog SlotCatalog.

When asked why he thinks Red Tiger has reached such a strong position in the market Ejlertsson said:

“We’ve truly mastered game development and are magically efficient in all aspects of product development.

Our product teams also have freedom to do what they want and learn from their mistakes, instead of having product decisions driven from outside of product dev teams.

New games keep getting better each year because of the point above. Operators now have a huge confidence in Red Tiger games to perform well and be really enjoyable for end-users, which proves true in the vast majority of cases.”

Ejlertsson also spoke about the success of the jackpot network that Red Tiger’s games are part of and how the daily jackpots work:

“We have both local jackpot propositions and network jackpot propositions which capitalise on our core jackpot functionality.

Basically, Red Tiger can build an in-game side panel that showcases any number of pots, either local or networked, that any number of games can be configured to contribute to.

We were the first ones to build time limits into our jackpots, where each jackpot has to fall within a given time interval, hourly or daily for example.

As a player, these time limited jackpots are much more attainable than the huge million pound jackpots out there, which I think is a compelling factor.”

Another crucial topic of discussion given the success of previous titles was in regards to the upcoming releases from Red Tiger:

“We have a really cool cluster game coming out at the end of May called 4Squad, which is a superhero themed game with a very interesting feature set that communicates the potential of the game very well.

Our main release in June will be a cash-prize hunter packed into a five reel western themed slot which has some new and interesting mechanics in it, one to keep an eye out for!”

You can read the full interview here.

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