Prague Based Endorphina CEO Shares Thoughts On Changing Trends In iGaming Industry

Prague Based Endorphina CEO Shares Thoughts On Changing Trends In iGaming Industry

Prague based B2B software provider Endorphina’s chief executive officer; Jan Urbanec, has today shared his thoughts and views of the changing trends in the iGaming industry, particularly the online slot market.

Endorphina, situated in Czech Republic, is known for its diversity and is tested and certified by iTech Labs and GLI for its reliability and integrity.

Jan Urbanec spoke about the current and ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the effect it has had on casinos and software providers alike:

“Since Endorphina is a technology company, the transition to working remotely was fluent and we retained the momentum that we had from even before the pandemic measures were implemented here in Prague.

The industry as a whole seems to be managing things very well. The unfortunate cancellation of most sports events had an obvious effect on betting operators. However, the companies that diversified their product offerings did manage to mitigate their losses.”

Urbanec outlined the importance of corporations not risking their reputations for short-term gains during the Coronavirus crisis:

“I believe that our industry is mature enough to not play on cheap marketing tricks and to risk damaging ourselves with opportunistic stunts. Established companies do not want to risk their reputation for short term gains. Unfortunately, some regulators – in Latvia for example, do not believe so and decided to take preventive measures in the name of protecting their population.

Slots maintain their status as a risk vs reward machine and the correct way to approach customers in volatile times is to show them that games are still the same. This is something they can rely on for their entertainment purposes.”

Jan Urbanec, who has been at Endorphina for almost six years, also spoke out about the audience shift from offline gaming to online and that there will be long term growth on the other side of the pandemic:

“There will be long-term growth. New players that were forced out from land-based operations will begin to migrate to entertainment from their homes.

I believe that the convenience and quality of online products will win them over in the long-run, and those players will stay online after all the protective measures will be lifted.

There is a fear that economic damage can cause revenues to drop. This may be a short-term issue since what we see is a massive push to move the whole economy online.

Workforces are beginning to manage their jobs remotely and automation is now one of the key goals of producers. This is a benefit for our industry.”

Endorphina is a dynamic and creative company that ‘lives and breathes’ iGaming development, with a versatile portfolio of our online casino games ranges from both innovative and traditional themes.

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