Gambling Authority In Denmark Clamps Down On Unlicensed Operators

Gambling Authority In Denmark Clamps Down On Unlicensed Operators

Denmark – The Gambling Authority in Denmark, Spillemyndigheden, responsible for ensuring a proper and regulated gaming market in Denmark, so that players are protected against unfair and illegal gambling, has announced that it has blocked sixteen illegal websites operating without a licensed.

For the sixth time, the Danish Gambling Authority has gone to court to have illegal websites blocked that, without a licence, offer betting, online casino and skin betting to Danes.

Since 2012, the Danish Gambling Authority has blocked a total of 74 websites in this way.

Efforts to find and block sites that offer gambling illegally are an important part of the Danish Gambling Authority’s work to ensure a fair and legal gambling market in Denmark.

Morten Niels Jakobsen, Director of the Danish Gambling Authority said:

“We work to protect players against illegal gambling, and we also need to ensure that the operators who are licensed to offer gambling in Denmark can run their businesses under orderly conditions. That is why it is very important for us to clamp down on gambling offered without a licence.”

When the Danish Gambling Authority assesses that a website offers gambling aimed at Denmark without a licence and the site is not closed, the Danish Gambling Authority requests the internet service providers to block access to the site.

The internet service providers would like the courts to decide that the offer of gambling is illegal, and the case is therefore brought before the district court. When the sites are blocked, they cannot be accessed from a Danish IP address.

All gambling operators with a Danish licence must have in an easily visible place the Danish Gambling Authority’s label on their website and on all marketing material.

In this way, it is easy for players to check if a site is licensed to provide gambling in Denmark.

Seven of the websites offered skin betting in which the stakes are virtual items from video games rather than money.

The Danish Gambling Authority is particularly concerned with skin betting, as this type of game especially attracts young people under 18, who, via video games, may be exposed to elements from gambling.

By the end of 2020, the Danish Gambling Authority publishes a study on young people’s relation to video gaming and gambling.

The study is a part of the political agreement on new measures against compulsive gambling from June 2018.

Most recently, the Danish Gambling Authority have brought actions before the district court to have 17 websites blocked that offered illegal gambling.

One provider stopped the illegal provision before the case was conducted, and in March 2020, the district court ruled in favour of the Danish Gambling Authority in the 16 remaining cases.

The cases involved illegal provision of betting, online casino and skin betting – gambling with virtual items from video games instead of money.

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