Casino Tech Provider Gaming Arts Develops Covid-19 Technology

Casino Tech Provider Gaming Arts Develops Covid-19 Technology

Las Vegas based casino technology provider and iGaming solutions inventor Gaming Arts has today announced that it has been developing behind the scenes solutions to help businesses in the gaming industry to beat the Covid-19 pandemic.

The firm, established more than ten years ago, has stated that it has been thinking about the future of the industry after restrictions are lifted and the industry enters the recovery stage.

The team behind Gaming Arts are in the middle of working on an array of new products that will not only help bring peace of mind to consumers, but to allow corporations to recover in the hospitality and gaming industries.

Gaming Arts has filed a number of patent applications that may see the use of UV lighting introduced to casinos and other gaming establishments that will assist in disinfecting and sanitising gaming and slot machines along with other equipment. Other products include high specification protective shields that can be installed on bars and table games to protect both casino workers and the general public.

Other areas that will be subject to cleaning in gaming venues in which the company aims to address include: ‘card shufflers, bill acceptors, card readers, printers, chip trays, playing card shoes, table games cash drop boxes, dice holding devices and ATMs.’

Mike Dreitzer, President of Gaming Arts spoke out about the firm’s activities during the past few months:

“Being an industry veteran for several decades, I am very pleased and proud that our team at Gaming Arts led by our CEO David Colvin, could move this fast to be an instrumental part of a solution to a generational problem that our industry faces.  This is a difficult and complex situation and we are grateful to have a role in bringing practical and helpful solutions to our customers worldwide.  We look forward to working with the industry to do everything we can to find the best path ahead.”

Looking forward, the advances in gaming technology could be how the future looks for the gaming industry in North America and the rest of the world in a bid to prevent viruses from spreading between players and employees.

According to reports, the gaming industry is one particular sector that is at a potentially higher risk than other industries and individuals who enter such venues as casinos, bingo halls and poker rooms are vulnerable to catching and spreading such diseases due to the excessive or prolonged contact with other people and gaming equipment.

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