Caesars To Welcome Guests With New Wellbeing Protocol And Phased Opening

Caesars To Welcome Guests With New Wellbeing Protocol And Phased Opening

Caesars Entertainment has announced a schedule and plan of action with regards to its business operations going forward amid the Covid-19 pandemic and complete halt of business worldwide.

The plan of action includes the re-opening of some of its venues within the group at various locations as soon as safely permitted to do so by local / state governments and tribal bodies.

According to reports, where Caesars owns and operates multiple establishments, it will implement a phased opening based on supply and demand, largely dependntn on the number of people using the firm’s services.

In all properties operated by Caesars, there will be social distancing measures inline with advice and guidance along with a series of extended safety and health measures.

The company, which is one of the largest corporations in the hospitality sector affected by Covid-19, has stated that it is looking forward to welcoming the return of guests and staff to its properties in preparation for resuming business operation.

Chief Executive Officer of Caesars Entertainment Tony Rodio said:

“We look forward to welcoming our guests and team members back to our properties as soon as it is appropriate to do so. We are implementing new protocols focused on the wellbeing of our team members, guests and communities to create environments with high standards of sanitization and physical distancing practices. We are working closely with public health authorities, gaming regulators and infectious disease specialists to design our plan.”

Caesar’s is liaising with both state and federal officials to ensure that when it is time for the re-opening of its properties, it will implement a programe that is geared towards the health and safety of both employees and patrons. The measures put forward by the company include: cleaning products used regularly, hand santiser and public space sanitisation and frequent disinfectant for surfaces.

Within casinos, there will be limits in place such as density of tables and gaming machines and non-gaming activities will be re-opened in phases to stop crowding or queueing.

In addition, all employees at Caesars’ properties will be provided with a mandatory mask along with additional equipment such as gloves.

Four of the most active regions whereby Caesars Entertainment operates are Lake Tahoe, Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Council Bluffs.

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