Galaxy Entertainment Organise Staff Covid-19 Training

Galaxy Entertainment Organise Staff Covid-19 Training

The world renowned Galaxy Entertainment Group, which owns and operates a number of casinos in the special administrative region of China; Macau, via its subsidiary, Galaxy Casino, has today announced that it is organising staff Covid-19 training to help tackle the pandemic and increase the knowledge of employees.

The training courses are designed to educate members of the firm’s team so that standards of health and safety along with virus prevention is improved and increased.

Due to the huge impact on the gaming and hospitality industry in Macau, it is unlikely that there will ever be a return to ‘normal’ business operations, especially for the foreseeable future. Therefore, Galaxy is taking steps to incorporate skills and knowledge based development training across a broad range of topics so that staff working in the group’s organisations are equipped and up to date with the latest guidance.

Galaxy Entertainment, which owns and operates a number of properties, including: The StarWorld Macau, CityClub casinos, Waldo Casino, Broadway Casino and The Galaxy Macau among others, stated that the training was to educate and provide the skills needed to operate within the company’s departments, including on the casino floor for table games and gaming machines, hotels, security and food areas such as restaurants.

The company aims to put an array of topics at the forefront of training such as personal hygiene, staff wellbeing, health and safety, professionalism and safety in the workplace. The company stated that ‘through organizing these comprehensive training courses, GEG hopes to develop and engage its team members to work together, learn from each other and to strengthen the bond between them’. In addition ‘up to 100 GEG executives will also participate in the training activities in support of the team members’.

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