European Betting Sites Poised For Bundesliga Influx

European Betting Sites Poised For Bundesliga Influx

Sports betting sites and online bookmakers are poised for a heavy influx of betting activity across Europe as top flight football returns to action with the German Bundesliga.

The German league is the first major football league in Europe and the rest of the world to return to business but not quite as usual as games will be played behind closed doors due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

With football around the world suspended since March 2020, government ministers and authorities in Europe have approved the return of football in Germany as of tomorrow; Saturday 16th May 2020 providing matches are played without spectators.

Matches will be played over the next three days with top flight action on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and bettors are already flocking to wager on teams such as Dortmund and Schalke.

Jochen Schneider, head of sport at Schalke said:

“All the eyes of the world will be on the Bundesliga at this moment in time. We got calls and emails from big clubs in Spain and England and I know they are really hoping that we will manage the situation so that other leagues can restart as well. We know how important it is that we start now and that will be able to finish the season as well. It really, really hurts because the fans create this special atmosphere and these games like Liverpool-Everton, Celtic-Rangers, these are the biggest games you have in a season. Dortmund-Schalke is the biggest game here in Germany and without fans it’s a nightmare, but we know for now it’s the best case.”

Among the teams playing tomorrow are: Leipzig, Freiburg, Dusseldorf, Paderborn, Dortmund, Schalke, Hoffenheim, Hertha, Augsburg, Wolfsburg, Frankfurt and Monchengladbach.

Bets being placed at favourable odds for tomorrow’s six game fixtures are: Wolfsburg, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Hoffenheim, Leipzig and Monchengladbach with a 10 Euro accumulator returning almost 500 Euros.

Along with playing football matches behind closed doors, the Bundesliga is also introducing new measures for players and officials involved in the game so that the risk is minimised and to put safety first.

German legend Dietmar Hamann said that the majority of players in the league are happy with the measures being implemented. He also stated that clubs in the Bundesliga provided players with the option to refuse to play if they did not feel comfortable and that players are being regularly tested for Coronavirus.

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