Pennsylvania Lottery Sales Hit One Billion Dollars

Pennsylvania Lottery Sales Hit One Billion Dollars

Pennsylvania Lottery, an iLottery partner of Scientific Games, has announced that it has hit one billion dollars in online and mobile sales less than two years since its launch.

Scientific Games, who provide all of the lottery providers’ products, has congratulated the firm on recording such volume of sales in record time, making history in North America.

The lottery provider in the state of Pennsylvania, United States, has stated that it set out to meet the demand of residents and that their services and products have been ‘exceptionally well-received’:

“During this unprecedented time, we are reminding Lottery players that they have the option to take advantage of playing PA Lottery online games at This is the only place where PA Lottery players can buy their Powerball and Mega Millions tickets without having to leave their homes. This is also another way people can support older Pennsylvanians during this challenging time.”

The iLottery programme in the state of Pennsylvania helps to fund vital services for senior citizens in the Keystone State.

For the past almost two years, Pennsylvania Lottery has been integrating and providing access to Scientific Games’ lottery product and management platform, which enables responsible gambling and account management.

Pat McHugh of Scientific Games said that the news is encouraging for states who are considering launching a lottery service online, particularly during the Coronavirus crisis.

McHugh also expanded on the benefit of the service to residents living in Pennsylvania as well as giving praise to SG’s iLottery platform in delivering the positive results of attracting and retaining players.

“Many states will look to Pennsylvania’s program to modernize lottery products online and at retail. Pennsylvania has effectively managed high-performing retail and digital instant games creating benefits for players, retailers and the Commonwealth’s programs supporting older Pennsylvanians.”

Scientific Games provides an array of services to the Pennsylvania Lottery company along with their digital and retail suite of games, including CRM tools, consumer research, retention programmes and player acquisition tools.

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