US Casinos Could Reopen As Hospitality Industry Exits Lockdown

US Casinos Could Reopen As Hospitality Industry Exits Lockdown

US casino establishments could reopen very soon as the hospitality industry state-wide begins its exit from lockdown.

As the United States recorded its lowest number of Covid-19 linked deaths over 24 hours since March 2020, businesses in the hospitality industry, of which casinos are apart, have resumed some form of operation in states such as Florida.

The latest figures out of the US have shown that Coronavirus related deaths dropped below 800, a figure not seen since March, down from 839 the previous day.

Almost all fifty US states have started exiting lockdown and as venues such as restaurants, malls and cafes implement safe distancing measures, the Governor of New York commented and said that it should be a short time whereby professional sports can resume competition behind closed doors.

Although the majority of industries to reopen their shuttered doors have been manufacturing and auto, following President Trump issuing a series of tweets saying ‘Reopen our country’ and ‘transition to greatness’, it is believed that hospitality businesses, including casinos across the country, are preparing to re-open their doors.

As the US currently works on a vaccine against Covid-19, Trump also admitted to taking anti-malarial medicine hydroxychloroquine. However, it is unclear whether his admission has been a reason for US citizens taking the drug in an attempt to prevent the contraction of Coronavirus.

The US casino industry has been one of the hardest hit in terms of revenue and the immediate loss of business has impacted on both small and large gaming establishments over the past two months.

However, as casinos, retail betting units and gaming halls prepare to re-open, it is likely that business as usual will be a long way off as organisations look to implement social distancing measures to not only prevent the disease from spreading, but to provide peace of mind to patrons entering the venues.

In light of this, casino executives and tourism authorities in Nevada are launching new commercials for Las Vegas stating that the world has changed because of the pandemic, and Las Vegas is changing with it, as it prepares for post-crisis operation.

The largest casino establishments in Las Vegas;  Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Bellagio and MGM Grand among others, are yet to provide a public business operation update in response to the reopening announcement. Casino Buzz correspondents will be keeping a close eye on the industry over the coming days and will provide up to the minute updates as and when they come in.

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