Wildwood Casino Owner Cancels Sale Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Wildwood Casino Owner Cancels Sale Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

The current owner of Wildwood Casino has announced that the sale of the venue to Saratoga Harness Racing and American Gaming Group has been cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The impact on the economy and all organisations involved in the acquisition has been too great to proceed with the previously agreed deal as the casino owner re-focuses interests and activities.

Wildwood Casino owner Joe Canfora iterated that it was in both firms’ interests to pull the plug on the deal so that energy could be spent on focusing on customers and casino operations, including preventative measures against Covid-19:

“At Wildwood, we’re taking this time to develop and implement an entire health and safety strategy that goes above and beyond state and local guidelines to better protect our players and provide a comfortable, safe environment for gaming.”

As with many casino venues in the United States and beyond, Wildwood Casino has introduced a series of measures to help tackle the Coronavirus pandemic, including a cleaning team of staff to ensure that surfaces are thoroughly cleaned along with a casino floor deep cleaning regime every night.

In addition, management at Wildwood Casino are planning to introduce protection-practices such as air filtration and UV light technology to assist with cleaning gaming areas and tables.

Wildwood Casino stated that ‘this is all about the safety and security of our players and our employees. We received a lot of great input from our players, and now, we’re using their feedback to create a comprehensive health and safety plan that surpasses the county and state, mandatory precautions.”

The casino establishment currently remains closed and despite the interest for reopening, no official date has been released. Official correspondence from the casino’s website states that they ‘are waiting on approval from the state and county’ and ‘are working hard to create a safe and healthy environment for our team members and guests’.

Wildwood Casino has been shuttered since 17th March 2020 by order of Governor Polis and plans to announce its re-opening date on the firm’s official social media pages.

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