Japanese Pachinko ‘Gambling’ Set To Resume As State Of Emergency Lifted

Japanese Pachinko 'Gambling' Set To Resume As State Of Emergency Lifted

Pachinko halls in Japan are set to re-open throughout major cities such as Tokyo as government officials lift state of emergency and associated measures in the remaining cities and prefectures.

The national government raised a state of emergency nationwide seven weeks ago following the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

However, the country is now in a position whereby officials feel comfortable about lifting the state of emergency.

In light of it being lifted, pachinko halls across the nation are expected to reopen for business in the remaining cities where the measures were still in place.

Such halls recently made headlines after some establishments continued to open for customers during the state of emergency measures.

Pachinko halls are hugely popular in Japan and operate in a similar way to slot machines. Though gambling at present is not official legal in the country until next year, when the new gambling licenses are issued for three integrated resorts.

A meeting in the House of Representatives today will set out the plans for lifting the state of emergency, though it is expected that it will be with immediate effect.

At present, according to latest figures out of Japan there have been 16,569 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, 825 of which have resulted in people dying and 13,244 of those infected have made a recovery so far.

According to reports, Hokkaido remains as one of the most infected areas of Japan where new cases of Covid-19 are still emerging.

The news of lifting the state of emergency and pachinko halls reopening comes just hours after Hiromu Kurokawa, a public prosecutor in Tokyo has handed in his resignation following criticism and pressure over an illegal gambling scandal involving the game of mah-jong at the beginning of May 2020.

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