VIP And High Rollers Gambled In Macau Despite Covid-19 Pandemic

VIP And High Rollers Gambled In Macau Despite Covid-19 Pandemic

VIP and high roller gamblers visited Macau, the special administrative region of China, to engage in gambling activities despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

According to a report from the Macau Research Center, a tourism and market research company, more than half of visitors to the SAR during the Coronavirus crisis engaged in casino gambling and spent an average of ten thousand dollars.

The Macau Research Center collated information and data from the month of March 2020 until the present days and surveyed more than one hundred visitors to Macau, the majority of which were from mainland China.

According to reports, most of the visitors to the special administrative region, known as the gambling capital of the world before the pandemic, stayed around 5 to 7 days with gambling budgets averaging $10,000 up to $60,000.

The report suggest that ‘compared to the mass market, the spending decisions of this group of high-end customers may be less influenced by macroeconomic and social sentiment’.

Latest Covid-19 information out of Macau show that there have been a total of 45 infected people in the SAR, resulting in zero deaths and all those infected making a full recovery. Whereas, in mainland China there have been 4,634 deaths from 82,992 infected individuals with 78,277 of those making a recovery.

In light of the figures out of Macau regarding high end gamblers, the special administrative region is hoping to make some sort of economic recovery in the second half of 2020, especially in the VIP gaming sector. However, the visitor numbers will be largely affected by the pandemic assessments and re-opening of businesses throughout the region.

One large portion of the visitors who visited Macau during the pandemic had previously visited the SAR 2 to 3 times within the last 12 months, suggesting that the region may have trouble attracting visitors from further afield, particularly internationally.

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