Contactless No-Touch Casino Gaming To Be Introduced Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Contactless No-Touch Casino Gaming To Be Introduced Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

A dedicated and specialist kiosk engineering company based in Denver, USA, Kiosk Innovations, has announced that it has developed a revolutionary and innovative contactless device that can be introduced for no-touch casino gaming amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

As the hospitality industry is gearing up for a return and re-opening, albeit a phased soft opening, the new devices are set to be used in many establishments across the United States to limit the spread of the deadly virus and build trust with customers so that they feel safe and confident throughout their visit to casinos, restaurants and hotels.

The kiosk company, which specialises in self-service devices and technology, has created two contactless solutions that allow customers to experience no-touch navigation such as hand gesture and foot controlled actions.

Both devices are being praised by executives in the casino industry and can be easily integrated in to current systems that have a USB port. Both the foot controlled and hand gesture products are easy to use simple devices with basic commands that can be controlled using up, down, left, right actions with a single gesture or press of a foot pedal.

Senior Vice President of Sales at Kiosk Innovations Rick Freeman spoke about the new Covid-19 devices:

“We have evaluated every possible user ‘touchless’ interface available as well as preventative mitigation and after consulting with our customers we came to the overwhelming consensus that for navigation alternatives the most intuitive are gesture and foot navigation. Users not only need trust the interface as ‘clean’ but the technology needs to be easily adopted.”

According to reports, the casino industry could see such devices introduced to a number of its games on casino floors in the US as early as the second half of 2020, such as video slots, video poker and keno games.

Watch a video of how the contactless hand gesture device is used:

Watch a video of the no-touch foot controlled system:

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