Table Trac Helping Casinos To Adapt To The ‘Changing World’ Of Social Distancing

Table Trac Helping Casinos To Adapt To The 'Changing World' Of Social Distancing

USA – A Minnesota gaming technology and casino management software firm has announced today that it is happy with current progress and response of its new Covid-19 assistance for casino establishments to be able to re-open for business in light of the pandemic closure period.

The firm has developed a new solution known as Dynamic Auto Social Distancing, which enables the automation of social distancing at gaming on the casino floor and assists sanitisation protocols that are being implemented within casinos to ensure the health and safety of customers and staff.

Over the last few weeks, Table Trac has been assisting fifteen casino venues with their re-opening plans in order to offer live gaming to players following a prolonged period of downtime.

The new social distancing solution has been in operation since May 2020 in a number of casinos in the Caribbean and United States.

Over the coming weeks throughout June 2020, Table Trac will also be assisting more partners with their re-opening protocols in a safe and responsible manner across states such as California, Nevada and Iowa.

The new solution works by automatically disabling games on the casino floor that are within the designated distance of 2 metres, or 6 foot.

This is unprecedented times for casinos and the use of the software makes the process a little easier due to the automated disabling of nearby gaming machines.

Rather than having a blanket black-out of some slots and video poker games, all games can remain active until a machine is in use. Only then will neighbouring machines be disabled until the player has finished and left the games radius.

In addition, not only does the solution automate the process of enforcing social distancing through game disabling, but it also alerts employees to the games that require sanitisation after being recently played.

Chad Hoehne, Table Trac President commented on the casino solution that has now been reviewed and permitted for use in the state of Nevada by the Nevada Gaming Control Board:

“Table Trac is committed to innovation and providing solutions that help our partners successfully adapt to the changing world we are now experiencing.”

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