Euro Games Technology Enters Czech Republic Gambling Market With new Office

Euro Games Technology Enters Czech Republic Gambling Market With new Office

Global gambling manufacturer and multi-solution provider based in Bulgaria, Euro Games Technology, has announced that it has entered the Czech Republic gambling market with the opening of new offices in the country, which will make providing sales and services to customers in the region more efficient.

The move comes as part of a company expansion in European markets and the new office will follow the company’s high standards of service and business activities, including the supply of gaming content and products.

Euro Games Technology, known as EGT, has stated that there has been an opportunity in Czech Republic and spotted a gap in the market for an established gaming brand to make its mark.

Despite the strict gambling authorities and regulations in the area, the firm is ready to provide its solutions to firms with localised customisation of its products, which include slot cabinets, jackpot systems and games.

According to General Manager Adam Vajdak, the company is ‘accustomed to fulfilling exacting criteria and are confident that will be able to achieve satisfying results in the next several years’.

Adam Vajdak, who will manage the Czech office with colleague Ivan Grigorov commented on the move:

“The regional gaming market is well developed and saturated and all domestic manufacturers have already established good image. Compared to some other countries though it lacks enough presence of worldwide known brands where we find our potential… For the purpose we will mainly rely on EGT’s main R&D department with which we cooperate closely in tailoring our products to the local specifics, especially when it comes to the software. Our major advantage is the vast experience we have accumulated from our global operations, the speed of service we achieved and the good knowledge we have firsthand for our customers and players, as me and my partner Mr. Grigorov have been in the casino business for many years not long ago.”

In addition to the firms growth plans, the staff at the new office have already started laying the groundwork for its vision for the second half of 2020, including the installation of around 300 gaming machines in the next three months alone.

Ivan Grigorov of Euro Games Technology also shared his thoughts on the move and what it means for the firm going forward:

“Czech market is mainly oriented to slant top and upright cabinets, as well as fruit-themed games and here EGT has a lot to present. In line with the domestic standards our products are modern and represent the high-end technologies, so we see them as the future of the local gaming industry… Unfortunately the COVID-19 crisis hit all industries, gaming included, slowing down our plans a bit… Now the casino business is slowly returning to normality, so hopefully we will be able to say soon that we did manage together. So we will measure the success of our local office with the number of satisfied customers. This will be my priority and the mission of our team.”

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