Playtech’s Live Quantum Blackjack Pays Out Huge x300 Win

Playtech's Live Quantum Blackjack Pays Out Huge x300 Win

Live Quantum Blackjack, an industry-first casino game launched at the end of last year, has paid out its largest multiplier x300 win to date.

The huge win was announced by the gaming giant within the last few hours on its first ever multiplier-based online live blackjack game.

Live Quantum Blackjack was launched following the success of Playtech’s Quantum Roulette title and brings together innovative gameplay with a ‘highly immersive studio atmosphere’.

When playing the game live, players take part in each game round, whereby an extra draw takes place after the betting time. Up to three cards are drawn at random and assigned a multiplier of times ten, times five or times three and if one of the participating players receives one of these cards in their current hand and beats the live dealer, they win a potentially massive multiplier amount.

Watch the video below to see the exact moment the win took place as the live dealer turns over the cards:

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