The Inevitable Rise Of Online Gambling

The Inevitable Rise Of Online Gambling

Today, online casinos are one of the most popular activities to engage in online. You might be familiar with some of these online casinos at JohnSlots, amongst the ever growing number of sites, but it was not always so. The internet brought one of the biggest societal shifts in recent history. It changed our concept of what can be done, how it can be and who can do it. It re-imagined our idea of time, distance and connectivity. Gone were the days when meetings required people to be physically present in a room and ‘the cloud‘ referred to a fluffy, white shape in the sky.

A whole new dimension was opened up and before we knew it, everything started shifting to this online domain. An uncharted territory, a whole new world that needed to be tamed and conquered before the next guy came up with a similar idea.

Sure enough, casinos made their way into this new space and quickly moved to the forefront of online businesses. But how is it that casinos established this strong foothold on the net. We’ll have a look at where it all began and how it grew into the colossal giant it is today.

A whole new world of gambling

The commercial side of the internet as we now know it started making its way in the early 1990s. Soon enough, the casino world started looking for ways to enter the online sphere. By as early as 1994, with the viability of safe transactions online, the first online casinos started popping up. Fast forward to five years later and you already had hundreds of online casinos generating a revenue of over $830 million.
By this point online gambling had grown incredibly popular and the recent introduction of multiplayer online gambling meant that even more people would be drawn in by the social aspects of the pastime. The early 2000’s brought a wave of sanctions and regulations that would impose limitations and enforce licensing requirements on all online establishments. This did little to diminish the casino’s growth, with online players surpassing the 8 million mark and showing a consistent increase.
Over the next two decades, the industry grew even bigger than could ever have been anticipated, with a continuous demand from gamblers who turn to online betting in all shapes and forms. By 2018, the online casino industry became worth $56.05 billion, establishing itself as one of the net’s largest industries.

To infinity and beyond!

Online casinos are living proof that gambling is a pastime that has carried on across generations and technological barriers. It’s an activity that people love to engage in for a variety of reasons and that experience can be adapted and re-imagined in different forms and factors.
So, what does the future hold in store for casinos? The 2010’s brought the rise of smartphones and re-defined what instant access really means, through the plethora of online apps that followed. Casinos quickly made the shift to the mobile scene, with gambling on the go becoming an instant success which helped to boost the industry even further. It proves that no matter where the technological forefront goes, casinos are quick to follow with almost guaranteed success.

The Art of The Gamble

Online gambling has established itself as one of the strongest online industries, thanks to the proactive attitude in making sure that the industry adapts itself according to the latest technological advancements. It continues to evolve, grow and improve and we can’t wait to see where it goes next!

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