UK Gambling Commission Consulting On VIP Customers

UK Gambling Commission Consulting On VIP Customers

The UK Gambling Commission has today announced that it is opening a consultation on high value VIP customers and is seeking views on rule changes that gambling operators must follow when dealing with ‘high value VIP’ customers.

The announcement comes just weeks after the UKGC laid down challenges to casino and other gambling operators to reduce the harm of problem gambling and introduce safer measures for players, particularly during the unprecedented and vulnerable times during Covid-19.

Standards across the sector were raised in relation to the Gambling Commission challenging operators for faster progress with regards to ‘VIP incentives, responsible product and game design, and online advertising’

In addition, the UKGC has also made public a progress report made by the industry along with publishing the Commission’s next steps in this area along with input and challenges from ‘Experts by Experience’.

Points within the publication include an update on industry progress, such as full customer assessments, full audit trails in relation to HVC incentives, accountability, reward programmes and restricted access among others.

Overall, the proposal to LCCP – Licence Codes and Conditions of Practice is based around making gambling operators’ activities and operations safer, fairer and free of crime when dealing with high value VIP customers.

In light of this, the UKGC has developed an online survey that will run until the 14th August 2020, which focuses on the incentives that ‘high value customers’ receive in regards to their custom, including free gifts, hospitality and exclusive promotions.

The primary concern in this area is that the UKGC fears there have been repeated instances of criminal proceeds being used for gambling along with gambling related harm due to operators not following regulatory requirements.

You can read more and take part in the survey here.

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