Sega Sammy Creation Launch Virtua Fighter Video Slot In Vietnam

Sega Sammy Creation Launch Virtua Fighter Video Slot In Vietnam

Kanagawa, Japan based Sega Sammy Creation has announced that it has launched the Virtua Fighter video slot game at The Macau Gaming Club in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The casino is the first venue in the region to launch one of Sega Sammy Creation’s new video slot titles as the developer makes strides in its expansion strategy within the Vietnamese gambling industry.

According to reports, the video slot game is based around the world-renowned Virtua Fighter video game from SEGA and is just the first instalment of the series.

Virtua Fighter is a series of video fighting games that was first launched back in the year of 1993 on a number of arcade machines and consoles. The latest game in the series was launched 8 years ago in 2012 called ‘Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown’.

Although the slot game was showcased in 2019’s G2E Asia event, the Macau Gaming Club, situated in Hanoi’s 5-Star Crowne Plaza Hotel, is the first in the region to officially launch the title at its property.

The installation of this game follows product placements in various other regions, including Macau and the USA.

Hayato Sasaki commented on the launch:

“This is only the beginning of what we hope will be a long and successful relationship with the Macau Gaming Club and the Vietnam gaming market. We are all very proud to be a significant part of the gaming floor during a very important time in the industry and we wish the best for everyone who’s lives and businesses have been affected by Covid-19.

The launch of the Virtua Fighter video slot game comes just a few of months after the launch of another world-renowned video game title Street Fighter II slot, developed by game developer NetEnt.

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