Royal River Casino Partners With Table Trac To Upgrade Table Game Player Tracking

Royal River Casino Partners With Table Trac To Upgrade Table Game Player Tracking

It is reported that popular South Dakota casino Royal River Casino has announced a new partnership deal with casino games management software firm Table Trac.

Table Trac is a leading developer and provider of gaming related systems used for the automation, monitoring and management of casino operations within venues.

The popular casino, situated in Flandreau, has stated that its current operations were in need of improvement and the firm identified that within its table games department upgrades to player tracking and accounting was much needed.

Tim Morrissey of Royal River Casino commented on the partnership and the reasons why it opted for Table Trac:

“Our property is excited to partner with Table Trac to continue to improve our operations. We identified a clear need to upgrade our player tracking and accounting capabilities in our table games department. Accordingly, after reviewing the majority of the systems available, CasinoTrac was a clear winner for our property.”

Morrissey added details of why it was the right time to introduce the casino product to its property and the benefits of the system flexibility:

“Our Executive Team was extremely impressed with the ease of operation for the front-end user of the system. We also see future value in the dynamic nature of the CasinoTrac System to integrate with our current systems while leaving the door open to add additional module in the future. In addition to the CasinoTrac system providing the functionality the property was looking for, the CasinoTrac Team approached the property as a partner, looking to solve our problem and be part of the long-term success of the property, something we are always looking for in our vendors.”

As part of the deal, Table Trac will assist Royal River Casino in increasing its casino player revenues whilst improving loyalty with the complete suite of table games management products for games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat.

Chad Hoehne of Table Trac spoke out about the new partnership and how it meets the needs of clients in the gaming and hospitality sectors:

“Royal River Casino had a unique set of requirements. They communicated exactly how they wanted to approach the solution, we listened and were able to demonstrate how they could utilize features in the CasinoTrac system to accomplish those objectives. Table Trac, Inc. is happy to be partnering with Royal River for these system solutions.”

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