Grosvenor Casino Manager Urges UK Government To Re-open Casinos

Grosvenor Casino Manager Urges UK Government To Re-open Casinos

It has been reported that a manager at a Birmingham casino in the United Kingdom, Matt Rudd, has urged the UK government to re-open casinos following the installation of Perspex dividers on table games and other health and safety measures.

Matt Rudd managers the Grosvenor Casino Birmingham and has stated that he is perplexed at the news that UK casinos are to remain closed amid Covid-19 pandemic despite other venues and business premises re-opening their doors.

He has been the manager at Grosvenor Casino Birmingham for the past six years and spoke about the challenges he has faced, including placing over seventy staff members on the government backed furlough scheme for job retention.

However, despite overseeing significant changes to the casino, including implementation of social distancing measures and signage, Perspex screen divider installations on table games and increased sanitization, casino gambling properties have been left in the dark as to when they are officially and legally allowed to re-open their doors.

In addition to the comprehensive health and safety protocols mentioned above, the casino site has also purchased stock of protective equipment for both employees and customers along with ID requirements that are ‘fully compliant’ with the UK government’s Track & Trace programme.

Matt Rudd added:

“I’m also acutely aware that our customers are eager to return.

In recent days I’ve been fielding more and more calls from many of our regulars who also can’t understand why casinos haven’t been allowed to reopen.

I am confident that they will like what they find when we are given the green light.

We love working here on Broad Street and we’re straining at the leash to get back to giving our customers a safe and enjoyable experience.

I can’t escape the fact that by virtue of remaining closed, we’re delivering no tax receipts to the Government.

We’re reliant on the furlough scheme and we’re not really contributing to the vibrancy of the local entertainment scene in this part of the city.

That’s what we’re about and it is what we miss most. I know I’m not alone in feeling a bit frustrated, and I know that nothing is more important than the safety of our colleagues and customers.

But the longer we remain closed, the more anxious I become.

I gather the visit, a few days ago, to our Rialto casino in Central London from various government officials went well, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that we receive some good news really soon.”

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