SkillOnNet’s PlayUZU Launches In Spain With MGA Games

SkillOnNet's PlayUZU Launches In Spain With MGA Games

The international provider and operator SkillOnNet has chosen MGA Games’ productions to launch their new brand, PlayUZU, in the Spanish market.

The company, that holds a DGOJ licence to operate in the Spanish gambling market, has decided to launch in Spain with a safe bet: the premium slots and video bingo games developed by MGA Games.

Helena Rico of SkillOnNet commented on the brand launch and provider link-up:

“We are extremely happy to announce the launch of PlayUZU in Spain, which has a brilliant reputation in other European markets, like the UK and Sweden.

We always knew that to offer users the best gaming experience, we needed to include MGA Games in our portfolio.

We are sure that PlayUZU’s unique offering combined with the most popular and successful MGA Games slots and video bingos are going to be the perfect combination to make PlayUZU a brand to look out for in the online casino world.”

Joan Sanahuja of MGA Games also spoke out about the partnership:

“PlayUZU brings an innovative approach and a breath of fresh air to the online casino market.

Their platform offers a new perspective and image to the one we usually expect to see in the iGaming industry.

As a company that pushes for innovation, we predict a promising future in Spain.

We are delighted to be part of this project and we share PlayUZU’s ‘transparent casino’ philosophy which aims to offer users the most fun with our slots and video bingo productions”.

Users can expect to find an array of games to enjoy on PlayUzu, namely Spanish Celebrities slots like Chiquito, classic slots like la Mina de Oro Plus or famous games like CSI Miami or Popeye.

The video bingo games Calaca and Sea also take top spot alongside Hyperrealism Series casino slots like Gold Mermaid by Ranata González, amongst many others.

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