Big Wheel Casino Lovelock Nevada Chooses Table Trac’s Casino Management System

Big Wheel Casino Lovelock Nevada Chooses Table Trac's Casino Management System

A popular casino establishment in Lovelock, Nevada, Big Wheel Casino, has announced that it has chosen to replace its existing online casino system with Table Trac’s casino management platform; CasinoTrac.

The casino is one of many casinos in the region to migrate from existing systems to a new platform that is designed to provide an all-in-one kit to manage the day to day operations of the casino floor.

Big Wheel Casino is a small establishment with a big presence in Locklock Nevada and is a popular truck-stop destination for many passers-by.

Following a period of downtime, the casino has been shuttered for months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but is now fully operational since the beginning of June 2020.

Chad Hoehne of Table Trac commented on the news:

“I am very pleased to welcome the Big Wheel Casino to our group of satisfied customers whose trust we greatly value. Our number one goal is to make our system easy to use, easy to train and easy to own, with our full commitment to service and value.”

The casino is the first casino establishment in Lovelock and provides an exclusive Players Club with Free Play Rewards, that will be integrated in to the new systems moving forward.

CasinoTrac casino management is expected to deliver more insights in to Big Wheel Casino’s business and will assist in accounting and revenue audits along with providing an array of promotions for players.

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