Konami Gaming’s Cashless Casino Slot Markers At Ellis Island Casino

Konami Gaming's Cashless Casino Slot Markers At Ellis Island Casino

It has been announced today that Konami Gaming’s casino management system SYNKROS has launched cashless casino slot markers at Ellis Island Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The new slot markers are part of Marker Trax and indicates the gaming industry’s ‘first field trial of cashless slot credit lines’, meaning guests of the casino hotel can apply to use electronic slot credit at the venue within minutes.

Gary Ellis of Ellis Island Casino commented on the integration:

“The convenience and security of Marker Trax allows players to access an approved credit line in minutes, while eliminating touchpoints with physical cash and multiple personnel. It’s incredibly simple for guests, and truly streamlined within SYNKROS for staff and supervisors.”

Instead of using physical cash for a casino marker, patrons can enrol in SYNKROS’ Pin Protected cashless wagering account to play any slot machine game on the casino floor electronically.

Tom Jingoli and Charlie Skinner of Konami Gaming and Marker Trax respectively also spoke out about the deal with the casino property:

“SYNKROS has long supported cashless wagering and now we’re thrilled to work with Ellis Island Casino to take the technology even further through Marker Trax’s increased access to convenient slot credit. This technology allows players to apply for a credit line, receive approval, and download that approved credit to their game without ever leaving their seat.

The player response and business results with Nevada’s first Marker Trax field trail has been incredibly encouraging. Our goal is to take the risk out of slot markers, to ultimately advance play activity for the benefit of players and properties. Add the electronic cashless component, and it’s even more safe and convenient for all involved.”

As part of the integration of Konami Gaming’s casino management system with cashless casino slot markers, the casino property will be able to ‘seamlessly issue, record, manage, and track these cashless credit lines, for optimal collections and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance’.

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