Playtech Expands Age Of The Gods Range With Norse Series

Playtech Expands Age Of The Gods Range With Norse Series

There are few casino game series as expansive as Playtech’s Age of the Gods (AOTG). Launched back in 2016, the series has expanded to become one of the most recognisable in the industry. If you aren’t familiar with the product, AOTG is a series of slots (and roulette) that are themed on the Greek myths. So, for example, a game like Goddess of Wisdom follows the exploits of Athena, whereas King of Olympus is based on the stories of Zeus.
Conceptually, there isn’t anything like AOTG online. It’s not just the theme – there are plenty of mythical slots – but the fact that the games are interlinked. Characters will pop in different games, sometimes as an ensemble cast. In addition, all AOTG games are linked through the Age of the Gods Jackpot game, which is a four-tiered progressive jackpot prize.

Recently, however, Playtech has decided to expand the series by moving into the world of Norse mythology. You can see some examples at Mansion Casino, a pay by phone casino in the UK. Mansion hosts the two new Norse games in the series, AOTG Norse Ways of Thunder and AOTG Norse King of Asgard.

AOTG Norse Games Have Unique Payline Structures

While each of the original AOTG games was unique, they shared many characteristics in technical terms. They were almost always basic 20-30 payline games, with standard symbols and payout structures. That’s not to say the games lacked innovation – far from it – but there wasn’t anything groundbreaking in terms of the structure of the games.

You can sense that Playtech is trying to do something different with the Norse games. King of Asgard, for example, uses an innovative 3,125 All Ways payline system, so you can rack up multiple wins. Meanwhile, Ways of Thunder is even more creative, with an expanding reel set that grows each time you get a base game win.

As for style, well, you can gather that Playtech is trying to cash in on the popularity of Marvel’s Thor films. The King character in King of Asgard looks remarkably like Sir Anthony Hopkins’ Odin in those movies, whereas Ways of Thunder has a character clearly developed to look like Chris Hemsworth. It’s common enough for casino games to be based on movie characters without officially saying so, and we have seen this before with games like John Hunter (Indiana Jones) and Wild Chase (Fast and Furious characters).

Daily Must-Go Jackpots Have Become Popular

All these Norse games tap into that AOTG jackpot network. However, there are some important differences. You can win the top progressive jackpot for AOTG (almost £500K the last time we looked), but there is also a daily “must-go” jackpot that has to pay before it hits over £1,000. These must-go jackpots have become very popular with casino players as there there is a clear point marked between winning and losing. With standard progressive jackpots, somebody playing on the other side of the world could be winning the prize, and you might not even know it.

The release of these new games comes at a critical time for Playtech. The company remains the world’s largest casino software developers, but there is plenty of competition out there. Developers like Evolution Gaming, Big Time Gaming and Blueprint have really come to the fore of late. Games series like Megaways have really caught the imagination of players, and are arguably the most popular online. Playtech seems to be doubling down on its range of high-concept adventure games. Is it a gamble that will pay off?

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