HeadsUp Entertainment Negotiating Million Dollar Online Casino And Sportsbook

HeadsUp Entertainment Negotiating Million Dollar Online Casino And Sportsbook

Global media and entertainment firm HeadsUp Entertainment has today announced that it is in the final stages of negotiations to acquire an established licensed online casino and sportsbook platform with a million dollar revenue stream over the past four years.

The announcement came as part of a corporate update to shareholders on a series of business activity items, including the company’s financial statements for all years up to 2020.

HeadsUp Entertainment is expecting to complete its acquisition of the online casino and sportsbook within the next two weeks as well as potentially extending further in to the gaming sector with a second acquisition, a key target area for management.

The gaming and betting brand, which is yet to be revealed, has currently processed over $100 million in wagers and over a period of four years has reported more than $5 million in revenue.

The corporation has also today reported that its ‘total Issued and Outstanding shares remains unchanged over the past 4 years at 204,207,657 shares with total non-restricted shares also unchanged at 70,091,138’.

HeadsUp Entertainment is experiencing growth and its expansion in to the gaming sector is expected to bring further growth inline with the company’s vision and strategy.

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