BetGamesTV Optimises Live Online Poker Game

BetGamesTV Optimises Live Online Poker Game

BetGamesTV, one of the first ever iGaming operators to launch live dealer betting games, has today announced the launch of its newly optimised live online poker game Bet On Poker.

Bet On Poker is a unique twist on the most popular poker game in the world; Texas Hold’em poker and is played with multiple players at the same time.

Twelve cards are dealt by the dealer in to siz positions on the game table and must be combined with five community cards to form the best poker hand. The highest ranking hand in the game wins the round.

BetGamesTV shared details about the game optimisation:

‘The X, Y, Z generations are increasingly tech-savvy and relevant, yet (as always) we have kept pace by constant readjustment, innovation, and realignment.

We are hyper-excited to officially launch our new, optimized version of Bet on Poker. It literally feels like we are racing through the universe.’

By optimising the popular Bet On Poker game, BetGamesTV has increased the speed of play to a massive 480 games per day, an increase of 192 games per day from 288.

The optimisation of this game to improve its all-round gameplay follows the ‘phenomenally successful’ optimisation of the firm’s Wheel, Dice Duel and lottery games.

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