Strategic Gaming Management Agree Deal With Sports Betting Marketplace ZenSports

Strategic Gaming Management Agree Deal With Sports Betting Marketplace ZenSports

It has been announced today that Strategic Gaming Management has agreed a deal with sports betting marketplace ZenSports in a link-up that will see the latter firm move towards providing betting services in the US, more specifically the state of Nevada.

According to reports, the acquisition of Big Wheel Casino in Lovelock, Nevada is on the cards as an optional segment of the deal along with being able to provide sports betting services at the location site of Baldini’s Sports Casino in Reno, Nevada.

The ultimate aim of ZenSports is to gain enough of a physical presence in the United States so that it can launch and operate its mobile sports betting platform in Nevada with approval of the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Mark Thomas of ZenSports commented on the agreement:

“One of the biggest hurdles in getting licensed to operate an internet/mobile sports betting platform in the United States is the requirement to own or partner with a land-based sportsbook and casino.

Through our great relationship with Strategic Gaming Management, we were able to secure the option to purchase this business in Nevada, which is the first critical step in getting ZenSports licensed and operating in the state.”

Reportedly, the agreement has been pencilled since the start of the year and continued to grow its International presence for its peer-to-peer sports betting product.

Grant Lincoln shared his views on the link-up:

“ZenSports is proving to be a force in the mobile and peer-to-peer sports betting world. We’re excited to help give them an opportunity to expand into the Nevada market and make ZenSports a household name here.”

In addition, ZenSports is expected to press-on for its licensing efforts in The Silver State now that it has the right to buy and operate a retail sports betting venue by linking up with law firm of Saltzman Mugan Dushoff in Las Vegas.

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