New Poker Tournament Azaadi74 Series Announced By 9stacks

New Poker Tournament Azaadi74 Series Announced By 9stacks

9stacks, India’s fastest growing poker platform brings a One-Day Series Tournament leaderboard “AZAADI74 Series” on the occasion of our 74th Independence Day.

9stacks offers the best experience to its players through its intuitive User Interface and innovative promotions.

COVID-19 may have thrown life out of gear in 2020, but Indians with their unwavering spirit still have a way of celebrating what matters!

And what could matter more than the day we became independent.

With the AZAADI74 Series, the gamers get to play six tournaments on a single day, and if their overall performance puts them in the top 10 for the day then each of the players will win Rs. 7,400/- from the Azaadi74 leaderboard prize!

Also the player with highest leaderboard points will also get a 9stacks premium poker chipset.

9stacks Poker Tournament

The AZAADI 74 Series focuses on 4 things all poker players want AZAADI from:

Azaadi from unplayable structures!

9stacks have designed the series as an exciting journey through various poker tournament formats and structures with maximum playability – with very high starting stacks (at least 25 blinds) even at the end of the late registration period.

Azaadi from folks who fire unlimited bullets!

9stacks have tried to give each player a chance to try their true skills against the best players of each format, without bankroll becoming a big factor. Therefore, at most 2 Re-entries and no rebuys will be allowed in any tournament.

Azaadi from having to play every tournament in a series to qualify for leaderboard prizes!

The player can play any number of tournament/s as per his/her choice and time availability. Only the best 4 results are taken into account while calculating leaderboard prizes!

Azaadi from multi day commitment to play a full series!

Unlike other series that require a multi-day commitment to figure in the leaderboard, all the tournaments here happen in a single day!

The 6 Tournaments on 15th August 2020 are:

1) Azaadi PKO (6 Max) – starts at 12:30 PM
2) Azaadi Turbo – starts at 2:30 PM
3) Azaadi PKO (4 Max) – starts at 4:30 PM
4) Azaadi Evening – starts at 6:30 PM
5) Azaadi Deepstack – starts at 8:30 PM
6) Azaadi Closer – starts at 10:30 PM

The platform currently has more than 3.5L users across India and has witnessed 350% increase in user-base in 2019. The platform currently offers Texas and Omaha variants of poker that engage both experienced players and learners.

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