Gambling Addiction Recovery Platform Gambless Launches In UK Via Lottoland Collaboration

Gambling Addiction Recovery Platform Gambless Launches In UK Via Lottoland Collaboration

It has been announced that gambling addiction recovery and harm solutions platform; Gambless, has launched in the UK via a collaboration partnership with online lotto betting firm Lottland.

The problem gambling app is designed to not only sport harmful behaviours connected to betting and gambling, but also prevent them.

Nigel Birrell of Lottoland commented on the partnership and why such collaboration has been made:

“Our commitment to responsible gaming and safe behaviour online is something we’ve always taken extremely seriously, and for that reason we’re incredibly proud to be partnering with an organisation like Gambless, which can help make all the difference to the well-being and safety of our customers.

At the moment, just four per cent of problem gamblers try and seek treatment and as little as two per cent actually end up receiving help – we absolutely need to be doing more to improve this and we recognise that combating the problem can start right here at Lottoland.

From their very first visit, our customers will now have access to resources, advice and exercises so that they can make educated choices with their bets and enjoy things like lotto in a safe, responsible way.”

As the emphasis within the gaming and betting industry of late has been responsible gambling, Gambless provides a number of resources that are designed to help vulnerable people who may be at risk of problem gambling.

Maurizio Savino of Gambless also spoke about the link-up and the importance of mental health:

“Partnering with Gambless is not a compliance obligation, it’s a strategic choice.

Our mission is to spread mental wellbeing among communities, empowering the most vulnerable, including the ones involved with gambling.

We are really pleased that Lottoland have chosen to partner with us and that they are going to join us in fighting the stigma and supporting mental health which is a very important topic.”

Users of the app can find tools and resources such as diagnostic tests, which can flag risk factors and problem gambling behaviour along with tips and resources on safer betting, coping strategies and emergency chat to help bring clarity and rationale during a crisis.

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