Konami Gaming’s Synkros Triggers Waiting To Be Sanitized Alerts

Konami Gaming's Synkros Triggers Waiting To Be Sanitized Alerts

It has been reported toda that Konami Gaming has continued to implement its solution for the gaming industry that assists with cleaning slot machines and managing customer care.

The Synkros product is a revolutionary casino management system that has adapted to the changes brought about by the recent global health crisis and Covid-19 pandemic.

The firm has been rolling out its solution at multiple locations and allows players to make use of the built-in features such as requesting that slot machines be cleaned from the convenient player-tracking display screen that sends alerts via numerous channels to staff within the casino.

Tom Soukup of Konami Gaming revealed more about the solution and why it is effective:

“In the midst of business closures that occurred beginning in March, Konami’s Synkros team began planning, producing, and packaging a set of solutions to assist our users to monitor and manage when slot machines need disinfecting between customer use.

The solutions were seamless built into the existing Synkros ecosystem.

Working closely with our casino customers, we responded quickly to their needs, and equipped their teams with the necessary customisation options and training for them to automatically communicate slot machine cleaning statuses to their casino guests.”

In addition, as each player finishes their play session, the slot machine will automatically be put on hold with an automated alert that states the machine cannot be played and is waiting to be sanitized.

These actions and events are logged and stored by the machines management system so that it is evident that thorough cleaning and sanitization is taking place and has taken place.

Staff at each casino venue will have the ability to monitor visually the casino floor and gaming machines to ensure effectiveness and cleaning and player patterns, which in turn assists with casino staffing levels in particularly popular areas.

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