Casinos In New York To Reopen From 9th September 2020 Following Covid-19 Shutdown

Casinos In New York To Reopen From 9th September 2020 Following Covid-19 Shutdown

Casinos in New York have been granted permission to reopen their doors for business from the 9th September following the prolonged shutdown and closure period due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Casinos in the The Empire State have been shuttered for a period of near-six-months and subject to strict safety protocols will be able to reopen their casino floors to customers providing they enforce a twenty-five percent occupancy limit

Strict Measures

Strict safety protocols and measures that will be enforced will include; social distancing, face coverings, enhanced cleaning, enhanced air-filtration, traffic flow restrictions and additional staff for occupancy control.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made the comments during an announcement:

“New Yorkers have done an extraordinary job – we flattened the curve in a way that no expert thought was possible.

We’ve made the determination that we can safely reopen casinos with enhanced air filtration and strict safety protocols including mandatory masks and social distancing.

This is good news and the right next step in our data-driven, phased reopening which is working.”

Slot Machines Only

In addition, providing there is a minimum distance between gaming machines of six feet, slot machine gaming will be permitted for customers to engage in. However, other games such as table games, including blackjack and roulette, will only be permitted once physical barriers are installed and approved by the New York Gaming Commission.

What’s more, players expecting to be able to eat and drink on the gaming floor will be disappointed as there will be no food or beverage service allowed. The State Gaming Commission will also be deploying a number of staff members to regularly monitor casino properties and ensure they are adhering to te new protocols and measures.

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