Live Casino Table Games Reopen In Century Casinos Venues

Live Casino Table Games Reopen In Century Casinos Venues

CenturyCasinos, a leading operator of casinos in the United States and Canada, has today announced that it has reopened its live casino table games at multiple venues, including Edmonton, Calgary, St. Albert and Colorado.

Over the period of one week, the casino operator phased its live casino table games such as blackjack, craps and roulette back in to operator following a period of downtime caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Although many of the casino properties reopened, its table games were still locked down due to health and safety surrounding Covid-19.

According to reports, the casino operator continues to operate a strict sanitization policy along with social distancing in connection with guidelines from health authorities in each region.

Although the industry is experiencing unprecedented times and adapting to the new normal, the operator has been approved to reopen its table games providing the number of players at each table is limited.

As a boost to the brand, Century Casinos has been voted Denver’s Best Casino in 2020 on Denver’s A List for its venue Century Casino and Hotel Central City, Colorado.

New Covid-19 operational guidelines and information can be found on the corporation’s official website.

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