Illinois Mobile Betting Account Surge Following Remote Registration Introduction

Illinois Mobile Betting Account Surge Following Remote Registration Introduction

It has been reported that there has been a surge in mobile betting account registrations in the state of Illinois, following the introduction of remote customer registration, according to local news and analysis firm PlayIllinois.

The temporary introduction of remote registration was done so by way of an executive order in the state and the latest figures out of Illinois indicated that there had been more than two-hundred-thousand new mobile sports betting accounts registered.

The figures come directly from The Illinois Gaming Board and it is reported that the number of in-person retail registrations would have been only a fraction of the latest number without remote registration.

This in turn leads to many individuals and firms calling for the remote registration to become permanent, rather than just temporary.

According to reports from analytical organisation PlayIllinois, the difference over the coming months as sporting events return and new seasons begin, could be tens of millions of dollars.

Telling Months Ahead

Dustin Gouker of PlayIllinois commented on the news:

“We have seen over the past two years that legal jurisdictions with remote registration have a distinct advantage over those states with an in-person registration requirement.

With Illinois’ sizeable potential as a market, it could be a difference measure in tens of millions in wagers each month.

We’re so early in the process in Illinois, but August and September will be particularly telling months. Obviously, we expect a surge in action just from a full schedule of major sports. But remote registration widens the market by simply adding a layer of convenience for those in Illinois who don’t live near a retail sportsbook.

It is a key differentiator and fundamental difference between Nevada and the largest of the newer markets, all of which have benefited from their online products being untethered to in-person registration.

That has held especially true during the pandemic, when in-person betting has slowed even after reopening from shutdowns.”


Estimates also show that the state may expect the sports betting industry to grow to some $11bn in year on year bets, but the recent Covid-19 pandemic may skew figures in both customer registrations, revenue and betting handle.

In comparison, a state that does not have in-person requirements and operates primarily on remote registration is New Jersey, which has recently stretched ahead as the country’s biggest sports betting market, taking over Nevada. Reportedly, New Jersey, according to latest monthly betting figures, took double what the state of Nevada took, with more than $800m to around $400m respectively.

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