7 Best Casinos In Europe

7 Best Casinos In Europe

Traveling to Europe is always an exciting adventure with all the cultural experiences, breathtaking scenic areas, parks, and rich history. There’s always something to do when you make a visit. Europe’s casinos are just as amazing and are the oldest casinos in the world. Here’s a list of the 7 best casinos in Europe, you shouldn’t miss!

1. Orbis Casino- Mercure Warszawa Grand Hotel (Poland)

orbis casino

Located in Warsaw, Poland, this Casino is located within the Mercure Warszawa Grand Hotel, with a massive 4000sqft area just for slots, game tables, and poker and blackjack tournaments. It has 299 rooms and suites with all the luxury accommodations you’ll find at 5-star hotels. 

While grand in appearance, this Hotel and Casino is budget-friendly and does not lack in accommodations. It’s within walking distance of the Holy Trinity Church, the Music Acadamy, and other attractions. It’s pet-friendly and has special deals for children under 18.

2. Casino De Monte-Carlo (Monaco) 

casino de monte-carlo

Located in Monaco, this historically rich casino was founded in the early 19th century to save the royal family from bankruptcy. Since then it has been meticulously kept to retain the regal atmosphere and style of the building- adding to the amazing experience.

Casino De Monte-Carlo offers numerous table games and slot machines for you to enjoy within their walls. They do have a dress code for entry, along with other requisites and they also offer tours of the casino. This Casino is high-class, so be prepared to dress the part!

3. Hotel Alfonso XIII (Spain)

hotel alfonso

As the flagship casino in Spain, this casino throws out all the stops. It has a special VIP room in the casino offered only to high-roller gamblers. It has luxury restaurants, banquet halls perfect for weddings and other large events, as well as gorgeous rooms and suites to enjoy.

The hotel has 126 guestrooms and 22 luxurious suites designed to represent the history and culture of the city. This prestigious hotel was commissioned in 1928 by King of Spain and is centrally located in the historic quarter of Santa Cruz, next to Reales Alcázares and Seville Cathedral.

4. Casino Sithonia- Porto Carras Grand Resort & Casino (Greece)

casino sithonia

Sitting on one of Greece’s largest resorts, it is one of the most visited and largest of casinos in Greece. The main casino area was designed to resemble a cruise-liner, tieing into the oceanic history of the Country and beachfront views. 

Its popularity is due to the family-friendly activities located on the resort, like mini-golf and amusement parks, as well as enjoy the casino all in one location. The casino has numerous slot machines, cards tables, and more for all your gambling needs, all inspired by New Orleans!

5. Casino Baden-Baden (Germany)

casino baden

As Germany’s oldest casino, older than Monte-Carlo but with less of a strict dress code, this casino is more on the friendly and relaxed side of the atmosphere range and is commonly described as having a “club” vibe.

The interior is more 19th century styled mixed with minor touches of more modern furniture. The gambling hall is filled with lustrous chandlers and artwork along the walls and ceilings to illuminate the slot machines and game tables. They offer guided tours and fine dining experiences.

6. The May Fair Hotel (United Kingdom)

The May Fair Hotel

Opened in 1927, it was the first hotel to be opened in the British capital in 20 years and is still full of elegance and history. It was inaugurated by King George V and Queen Mary, quickly becoming the playground for high society. It is close to attractions like the Royal Academy of Arts, Spencer House, and Wellington Arch, Big Ben, Hyde Park, and Buckingham Palace.

You can dine in with the gourmet restaurants or take a stroll along the streets for some delicious food from local bars and restaurants surrounding the hotel. It has a traditional European style casino with a betting exchange and OTB facility to machine games and VIP baccarat and roulette.

7. Hotel Algarve Casino (Portugal)

Hotel Algarve Casino

This hotel and casino is a great destination as the local economy is booming with tourism and trade. Algarve is Portugal’s first official casino and hotel with top of the line accommodations and features.

The casino has 355 state-of-the-art slot machines spread out on two floors with a connecting elevator for quick access. The hotel has several bars, and restaurants to choose from, and beautiful and modern rooms for couples and families.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the 7 best Casinos in Europe and enjoy your next trip!

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    The picture of the Baden-Baden Casino is composed photo. The inside is barocque style and mor majestic than Monace. Worth a Special trip and detour.


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