New Strict German Gambling Toleration Rules Set To Be Enforced

New Strict German Gambling Toleration Rules Set To Be Enforced

Online casino operators in Germany are making preparations for the introduction of new strict gambling Toleration Rules that are soon to be enforced for any corporations operating or looking to operate within the Germany gambling market.

These changes, which are being introduced on the 15th October 2020, are expected to be strictly adhered to for both operators and marketing partners, including affiliates.

Casino brands such as LeoVegas are already urging partners that compliance is mandatory and that it is imperative the new rules are enforced across websites, social media channels and email outlets.

The new strict gambling measures will include the removal of all table games, such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and live casino games. This includes fun play games, images and reviews.

In addition, any jackpot games or must drop daily jackpots that are being promoted in Germany will also be removed completely and strict guidance is being updated for terms relating to gambling in marketing materials, including websites, such as casino and live casino.

Although the new Toleration Rules are set to be introduced within days, the gambling laws in Germany are expected to be officially updated during the second quarter of 2021.

It is clear that problem gambling and harm related to gambling in Germany is being taken very seriously and these new Toleration Rules are expected to play a major part in driving down gambling related problems.

The market is tightening its rules and regulations and is already one of the strictest jurisdictions in the world, with operators already requiring to meet specific criteria in order to operate.

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