United States Presidential Election 2020 Could See Gambling Firm Lose Millions

United States Presidential Election 2020 Could See Gambling Firm Lose Millions

It has been revealed that the United States Presidential election 2020 is gearing up to be one of the most active and sought out elections in recent history, as gambling enthusiasts continue to wager on the result.

One particular gambling firm could be set to lose millions of dollars if the outcome is a Donald Trump victory; BetOnline.ag.

Despite Joe Biden being the current favourite, people are betting big sums of cash on Trump ahead of Election day next week; 3rd November 2020.

As a result, 2020 is starting to echo similarities of four years ago whereby experts and polls showed that it looked like Clinton had it in the bag, only to be trumped by Donald.

Bookmakers are undoubtedly a little more cautious this time around, after many were bullish on Trump losing the last election, but the bets that are rolling in show that the US could be set for a repeat of 2016.

Dave Mason of BetOnline.ag shared his comments on the election build up and what it could mean for his firm along with many other bookmakers around the US and rest of the world:

“When there’s a fishy line or movement in sports betting, the old adage is that ‘Vegas knows something.

But in 2016, it was the bettors in the know. The oddsmakers make a living being on the right side, but they were dead wrong that year.

Everyone was shell-shocked. Heck, I even think Trump was a little surprised.

To say the bookies took a bath that Election Day would be a gross understatement. The decision was a big loss for the industry, and a big win for the betting public.

Political stances aside, we’ll all be rooting for the favorite next week.

That’s uncommon in our industry, but we need Biden in a big way.”

Latest Presidential Election 2020 Odds

Election Winner:

Joe Biden: 8/15

Donald Trump: 6/4

Democrats to win control of House, Senate, and White House in 2020: 4/6

Joe Biden to win over 54% of the Popular Vote: 11/10

Joe Biden to get over 350 Electoral College Votes: 6/5

Odds correct and up to date at time of publishing.


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