Bettors Ask Can Trump Still Win As Sportsbooks Pay Out On Biden

Bettors Ask Can Trump Still Win As Sportsbooks Pay Out On Biden

Joe Biden is looking like he could be the next president of the United States after taking the lead in the state of Pennsylvania and narrowed the lead in the state of Georgia.

According to reports, there could be a number of recounts and there are still a few thousand votes to be counted.

However, some sportsbooks have already started paying out on Joe Biden being the next US president, which in their eyes see Donald Trump beaten in this year’s election.

So with 44 of 50 states declared and Biden of the Democrats leading 253 to Republican Trumps 214, bettors ask; can Trump still win the election?

Well, Donald Trump has gained on Biden’s lead in the state of Arizona and experts say that it is too early to predict the results in Alaska, Nevada and North Carolina.

With that said, wagers are still being placed on the US Election with punters betting on both political party leaders, despite Biden being the favourite at 1/33 and Trump now the long-shot at 20/1.

Although, many international and US bookmakers have suspended betting on the political event, there are still live markets and channels available.

The latest US Election odds:


Biden: 1/33

Trump: 20/1

Winning Party

Democrats: 4/7

Republicans: 7/5

Biden Electoral College Votes

300-329: 1/9

270-299: 10/1

Biden Vote Percentage

49-51%: 4/11

52-54%: 12/5

Reportedly, because the United States does not have an electoral body available nationwide, the US election to decide the president is similar to having individual elections for each state of the country.

With 270 being the electoral college vote target, Biden is undoubtedly looking like a certain bet to step in to the White House and bookmakers are following that of election analysis groups, which have declared Joe Biden the winner following the Pennsylvania result projection.

However, some news outlets say that it is too early to project the winner of Pennsylvania and Arizona, which leaves Donald Trump still with a slim chance to remain president of the United States.


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