CSR Re-Confirmation From Caesars Entertainment Following Eldorado Resorts Merger

CSR Re-Confirmation From Caesars Entertainment Following Eldorado Resorts Merger

One of the largest gaming and hospitality corporations in America; Caesars Entertainment, has today reconfirmed its Corporate Social Responsibility commitment following the merger with Eldorado Resorts in July 2020.

The firm has published a report; People Planet Play, for the current year, which outlines its CSR protocols, including support for employees, guests and communities’ wellbeing alongside emission reductions and improvements towards inclusion, equity and diversity.

Caesars Entertainment believes that by reconfirming this commitment, the company can use its responsible conduct and business operations to positively impact communities, people and the environment.

Chief executive officer of Caesars Entertainment Tom Reeg commented on the CSR details and data:

“This year has certainly presented opportunities and challenges as we respond to the pandemic throughout the US.

Perhaps most importantly, we see this as an opportunity to work together in the newly formed Caesars Entertainment, bridging our community-driven efforts and strengthening them within a larger organization.

Where we had set platforms and programs that impacted so many, we can build them up and make them stronger and more impactful than ever before.”

As part of the commitment, the firm stated that this reconfirmation for the current year is important following operation expansion due to the merger and the introduction of new leadership with the corporation.

In addition, the current and ongoing Coronavirus pandemic means that adjustments, new measures, protocols and restrictions have had to implemented in the current climate of uncertainty and unprecedented times.

According to reports, Caesars is looking to bridge its community driven efforts in the newly expanded corporation to make existing programs and platforms stronger and more impactful.

Details of the Caesars Entertainment report, including key impacts and achievements are below:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI): In 2019, Caesars legacy properties had 45% women and 35% racial diversity in management roles. The combined company has affirmed its commitment to gender and racial equity in leadership and management. The Company also engaged with certified diverse vendors for 17.6% of operational and 10.8% of capital expenditures.
  • Positive experiences for guests: The Company has significantly enhanced its offerings for guests through extensive renovations and expansion of digital services, including enhancements at Harveys Lake Tahoe and Harrah’s Las Vegas as well as completed construction of CAESARS FORUM Conference Center.
  • Social impact: Total community contributions in 2019 amounted to $67 million, including the value of 370,000 hours volunteered in local communities by team members. In 2019, Caesars turned every dollar of revenue into a contribution to its communities of 46 cents – nearly four times the average community contribution for U.S. corporations.
  • Responsible gaming: Caesars Entertainment celebrated 30 years of Responsible Gaming (RG) leadership in 2019. Caesars created the first comprehensive RG program in the industry, which includes structured RG training for team members. In 2019, nearly 50,000 team members received RG training.
  • Family values at work: In 2019, Caesars invested 1.51 million hours in training and development for team members, an average of 27 hours per team member per year.
  • Environmental sustainability: In 2019, on a normalized basis per 1,000 sq. ft, Caesars used 2% less energy, 3% less water and generated 13% less total waste than the prior year.
  • Governance: In 2020, following completion of the merger, Caesars Entertainment immediately created a new CSR Committee of the Board of Directors. The Committee will drive CSR strategy and oversee CSR and ESG progress, remaining true to the legacy of the past 20 years.


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