Casino Management Firm Table Trac Heavily Impacted By Covid-19 During Q3

Casino Management Firm Table Trac Heavily Impacted By Covid-19 During Q3

It has been reported that casino information and management company; Table Trac, which provides management system CasinoTrac to numerous casinos in the United States, has been heavily impacted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic during its third quarter of 2020.

The impact statement was released during the firms’ third quarter report and financial results for the period of July through September 2020, which saw a decrease in net income by more than $400,000 partly due to the casino and gaming industry slowdown and closures due to Coronavirus.

However, in the same quarter, Table Trac also experienced a decrease in its operating expenses as a direct result of the global pandemic affecting sales and marketing activity, with a difference of almost $500k compared with the same period last year.

Table Trac designs and develops casino information and management systems and is one of the leading providers of gaming floor management platforms across multiple locations, including the United States, South America and the Caribbean.

During the third quarter, despite the setbacks and navigating of unprecedented times for not just Table Trac, but the entire gaming industry from operators to suppliers, the corporation was able to deliver two systems and expanded two systems of existing customers.

In addition, during the current fourth quarter, Table Trac expects to complete the planned works on three new customer contracts that were made during the third quarter in backlog.

The news of the Covid-19 impact on business operations along with release of Q3 results comes just days after the company struck a deal with Running Creek Casino in Upper Lake California to install its CasinoTrac Management System.

The deal means that the provider will work with the casino to replace and upgrade its existing management system, which will utilise the Dynamic Auto Social Distance feature that assists with making the gaming floor as safe possible whilst guests have fun.


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