Netgame Entertainment Joins Stakelogic’s Casino Game Partner Program

Netgame Entertainment Joins Stakelogic's Casino Game Partner Program

Online casino game developer based in Kiev, Netgame Entertainment, has today joined the Stakelogic partner program; Greenlogic, in a new collaboration that will see its games distributed across an operator network of more than 500 online gambling providers.

The partnership between Stakelogic and Netgame Entertainment will mean that future game creations from the latter will be developed under the umbrella of Stakelogic.

As part of the link-up, Netgame Entertainment will have the freedom to develop its future slot game concepts focusing on gameplay and ingame specifications, whilst Stakelogic will take care of the technical side of development and title distribution, including testing, certification and localisation for regulated active gambling markets.

CEO of Stakelogic Stephan van den Oetelaar shared his views on the latest addition to the program:

“I am delighted to welcome Netgame Entertainment to our Greenlogic program and to collaborate on a series of games.

Netgame Entertainment is one of the fastest growing developers in the sector and combining its creative talents and skills with our technical abilities is undoubtedly a winning formula.

Of course, one of the biggest upsides to joining the Greenlogic program is that developers can access our incredible distribution network, with more than 500 operators and nine aggregators.

This will ensure the games we create under this partnership enjoy the widest possible distribution among some of the biggest operators in markets around the world.”

Going forward, game intros and launches of new games going forward will be done so under the Stakelogic brand with Netgame Entertainment mentioned as a co-creator.

Greenlogic brings together talents from all corners of the world and provides new opportunities for iGaming development studios that are looking to expand and grow their operations.

In addition, the program offers a broader reach and more access to operators within regulated markets that otherwise may be out of reach.

CEO at Netgame Entertainment Andrey Zhurilo also spoke out about the collaboration and what it means for his firm:

“The Greenlogic program provides us with an incredible opportunity to work with Stakelogic on a series of special slot games.

Not only that, but we will be able to distribute our games to more operators than ever before, ensuring players in markets around the world can experience what we have to offer.

As a smaller developer, getting in front of big-name operators is tough but by joining the Greenlogic program we will gain direct access to some of the biggest names in the industry.

In the meantime, we look forward to collaborating with Stakelogic to turn our concepts and ideas into what we believe will be some of the most popular slots of the year when they hit lobbies in 2021.”

The latest addition; Netgame Entertainment, continues to be one of the fastest growing creators of casino games in the industry and has an array of titles in the pipeline that are expected to be a huge hit with enthusiasts next year.


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