UK Gambling Commission Will Drive Out Casino Operators That Bend Rules

UK Gambling Commission Will Drive Out Casino Operators That Bend Rules

The UK Gambling Commission, via its chief executive Neil McArthur, has stated during a ‘Raising Standards’ conference that it will be ensuring that gambling operators in the UK are in-line with the latest and current gambling legislation, including impending changes.

During the conference, McArthur outlined that the UK government and regulatory agencies will use opportunities for safer gambling so that the country can be become a world leader in this instance.

It is clear that the UKGC supports gambling operators that are showing willing to industry changes for responsible gambling and outlined that any gambling operators failing to comply or bending the rules will be driven out of the industry in the UK.

A series of statements were made by Neil McArthur, including one saying that the commision’s chief executive will support the industry in raising standards and that he will work in the best interests of customers.

In addition to the comments on safer gambling in the UK, Neil McArthur briefly talked about the impact of Covid-19 on the industry, stating:

‘When the country entered lockdown in March the impact was immediate. Literally over night the High Street shut down, including land-based gambling.

Live sport also stopped, which meant there were very few sporting events for customers to bet on.

The combined effect of this as a massive reduction in GGY… the shift for real event betting was significant.

Despite predictions to the contrary, the total number of people gambling dropped during lockdown.

25% of the population decreased their spending on gambling.

4.0% of adults, who did not gamble before lockdown, started to gamble during lockdown.

12% of gamblers increased spend, including those saying they tried new gambling activities for the first-time during lockdown.

We are working hard to make Great Britain the safest place to gamble in the world and we need you to work with us to achieve that outcome.

And, whilst I know that many of your businesses have faced enormous struggles. And I know that some of you will have been forced to make tough decisions to keep your businesses viable in recent months, the fact that everyone has kept customer protection at the top of their agendas – despite all the challenges – tells me that we are on the right track.’


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