Buzz Bingo Reveal Top 10 Festive Film ‘Winning Smiles’

Buzz Bingo Reveal Top 10 Festive Film 'Winning Smiles'

Buzz Bingo know 2020 has been a shocker, so to help raise spirits this Christmas, the operator has delved into the nation’s favourite festive films to find the top ten winning smiles.

According to Brits, Joe Pesci who plays Harry in Home Alone has landed the top spot with his notorious and mischievous golden grin.

Bruce Willis’ Christmas Eve scene in Die Hard comes out as the second most memorable smile and Buddy the well-loved Elf played by Will Ferrell is third.

A number of classic blockbusters including Love Actually, The Holiday, and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas also made the rankings for their seasonal smiles.

Buzz Bingo, the UK’s largest bingo operator conducted the research in line with their new #WinFace ad campaign which sees people practicing their winning smiles when striking lucky.

To help raise spirits and hopefully a smile, Buzz Bingo has delved into the nation’s favourite Christmas films to reveal the Top 10 Festive Film Winning Smiles.

We all remember the moment when excitable Buddy (Will Ferrell) spots ‘Santa’ in the department store in Elf – the sheer joy on his face despite us knowing he is sorely mistaken. In contrast, Home Alone’s Harry (Joe Pesci) shows off his golden tooth with his ‘winning smile’ in Home Alone but for all the wrong reasons, as he is mischievously planning to burgle the house.

To help raise a smile this festive season (let’s face it, we all need it) Buzz Bingo, the UK’s largest bingo operator, has revealed the nation’s favourite ‘winning smiles’ from iconic Christmas films.

From, Home Alone’s Pigeon Lady turning her anger into a smile, to The Grinch’s cheeky smile whilst on the hunt for presents, the list is full of our festive favourites, sure to give us that feel good factor this Christmas.

Top 10 ‘winning smiles’ from festive films according to Brits surveyed.

Harry (Joe Pesci), Home Alone

When Harry meets Macauley and family for the first time, he hears they are going away and lets out the biggest smile showing off his gold tooth.

John McClane (Bruce Willis), Die Hard

On Christmas Eve, John McClane is happy to reunite with his wife after a battling night, after her company’s Christmas Party is taken over by a gang

Buddy (Will Ferrell), Elf

His excitement in the toy shop when ‘Santa’ arrives (albeit a makeshift shop Santa), he jumps and excitedly smiles with extreme happiness

Grinch (Jim Carrey), The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

The Grinch’s smile is more a cheekily mean smile when he is stealing presents at Christmas…

Juliet (Keira Knightley), Love Actually

Her happiest of smiles is when she walks down the aisle, and about to leave the church, she is surprised by beautiful choir singing ‘Love, Love, Love’

Pigeon Lady (Brenda Fricker), Home Alone 2

Kevin revealed a lovely side of the ‘Pigeon Lady’ – the moody angry lady in Central Park. As he wishes he Merry Christmas, he gives her one of two turtledoves that Mr. Duncan had given him, and then added the other turtledove

Gizmo, Gremlins

A little different but when Gizmo is happy, his smile is a winner. Set at Christmas, Gremlins is a rather alternative festive movie

Iris (Kate Winslet), The Holiday

The heart-warming moment when her elderly neighbour who she has been building a caring friendship with – Arthur steps up to win his lifetime achievement award – Iris looks up beaming with pride to the stage

Patch (Dudley Moore), Santa Claus The Movie

Dudley Moore is filled with winning smiles throughout the movie, albeit not at the trickier moments when he has to help Santa get back on track.

George Bailey (James Stewart), It’s a Wonderful Life

George’s smile upon the climax of the story in this Christmas classic.

Harry Lang, Marketing Director at Buzz Bingo commented:

“We could all do with some cheering up this year, so we’ve loved delving into the archives of much-loved Christmas films to find the best winning smiles.

We see winning faces all the time at Buzz Bingo and love seeing everyone’s reaction the moment they’ve found out they won – their excitement’s infectious!

We’re excited about the phased reopening of our bingo clubs after lockdown as well as offering loads of fantastic games on offer online at, where you still have the chance to win some amazing prizes every single day. That means plenty of opportunity to show off your Win Face!”

Buzz Bingo recently launched its new ‘#WinFace‘ advertising campaign in which people are seen practicing their ‘win face’.

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