Illegal Tokyo ‘Casino’ Shutdown By Police

Illegal Tokyo 'Casino' Shutdown By Police

It has been reported that an illegal ‘casino’ establishment in Tokyo, Japan, has been raided and shutdown by Tokyo Metropolitan Police in Kabukicho; an entertainment and red-light district in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

According to reports, the police had obtained evidence that the casino game baccarat had been active during a raid in October 2020, which resulted in the arest of a 39-year-old, who is an alleged member of Japan’s largest yakuza organisation.

A baccarat table was seized during the operation and two ’employees’ were also arrested, with one of the accused stating that they did no participate in the illegal activities.

Reportedly, over a 8 month period between March and October 2020, approximately ¥50 million, ($500,000), in revenue was collected.

The Yakuza run casino establishment was operated on a members only policy and was active during the recent and ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, during which the country declared a ‘state of emergency’ that prevented a Western country style outbreak.

Japan’s virus response chief has recently announced that the country may be forced to call a second nationwide state of emergency if the number of infections is not curbed within three weeks following concerning figures of the virus spreading.

Gambling in Japan is currently illegal, except for sports betting on horses and some motor sports. However, a process is currently underway to legalise casino gambling with the introduction of three legal casino resorts that could potentially open in the regions of Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama.


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