BGC – Important Opportunity To Drive Further Change In UK

BGC - Important Opportunity To Drive Further Change In UK

The Betting and Gaming Council in the United Kingdom has today spoken out in regards to a new opportunity for the UK Government to drive further change in the country’s gambling industry.

The industry standards organisation has welcomed a Gambling Review pledge by Nigel Huddleston; Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Sport, Heritage and Tourism at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

The pledge by the MP for Mid Worcestershire is to ‘get the right balance’ between ‘protecting the vulnerable and not spoiling the enjoyment of customers’.

An annual general meeting took place at the Betting and Gaming Council where the pledge was made and within days the UK Government is expected to launch the review.

Digital Age Regulations

Nigel Huddleston spoke on a video call:

“The call for evidence will be a genuine appeal for anyone with an interest in the gambling industry to submit their views, and I’m very keen for BGC members to contribute.

We want to make sure regulation is right for the digital age and we also want to get the right balance between the fun that people can get from gambling and the obligation to protect vulnerable people.

I welcome the commitments you have made, such as the 10-point pledge over lockdown, and I encourage you to keep working closely with the regulators to minimise the risks that have arisen during the pandemic.”

The Betting and Gaming Council have consistently liased with the UK Government throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and Mr Huddleston spoke well of the steps taken to protect customers during the unprecedented times.

The steps taken included a Coronavirus action plan, a ban on television advertising and an advertising pledge that commits to ensuring twenty percent of commercials will carry safer gambling messages.

Strike The Right Balance

Betting and Gaming Council responded:

“As the standards body for the regulated industry, we have called for the Government’s Review to be wide-ranging and to provide an important opportunity to drive further change.

It is important that the Review is evidence-led and strikes the right balance between protecting the vulnerable, whilst not spoiling the enjoyment of the estimated 30 million people who enjoy a bet at least once a month – the vast majority of whom do so perfectly safely – and driving them into the arms of the unregulated online black market.

That’s why we were encouraged by Nigel Huddleston’s words to that effect when he addressed our AGM.

We hope that everyone has their say in the Review – including millions of people who enjoy a bet, as well as the 100,000 who work in the industry.”

Video BGC AGM 2020

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