San Diego Casinos Implement Measures Amid Coronavirus Concerns

San Diego Casinos Implement Measures Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Casinos in San Diego County, California, have today announced that new measures have been implemented amid concerns surroudning the Coronavirus pandemic.

Despite many businesses shuttering to the public, tribal casinos are remaining open, albeit under adjusted measures, including cancelling scheduled events.

Physical distancing and face covering protocols remain in place within the nine casino venues and despite a county curfew and stay home order, employees are still allowed to attend their place of work as ‘essential workers’ and the fact that they are ‘under the jurisdiction of sovereign tribes’.

According to reports, there are 589 local residents who said that they tested positive for Covid-19 and visited a casino in the area within 14 days of the result, suggesting that there could be a link to casinos and infections.

Virologist and assistant professor at the University of California Riverside Juliet Morrison commented on the news:

“There’s no way anyone could convince me to go gamble at this point in time. It’s just too high risk.”

Reportedly, employees of the casinos in San Diego County are concerned at the lack of communication between the venue owners and staff, particularly regarding risk and infections.

In addition, due to potential exposure of vulnerable workers to the virus, staffing levels are particularly low in the casinos. However, they remain open for business.


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