Portugal Expansion For Business Intelligence Firm iMovo

Portugal Expansion For Business Intelligence Firm iMovo

It has been announced today that business intelligence and data analytics firm iMovo has expanded its footprint in to Portgual as part of its continued expansion to provide its customer experience management and artificial intelligence services in Europe.

The company has been looking to develop and strengthen its international presence, particularly in other parts of Europe and will now be able to check this box with its new venture.

iMovo is a specialised marketing automation and workforce management corporation that is active in the UK, Greece, Spain and Italy among other nations.

CRM, AI and RPA are just a few of the services that the company provides to its client base across active industries.

Managing Director of iMovo Pierre Mallia commented on the company expansion:

“Internationalisation has been on the company agenda since day one, when we first started up some 10 years ago.

Though I have to admit we could not have imagined that we’d be engaging with the kind of customers we do today.

We are thrilled to be entering the Portuguese market and to be working in partnership with some really interesting companies there, about which we’ll make some announcements later on.

In the face of the global pandemic the world is faced with, this venture clearly sends the signal that iMovo is a serious player and willing to reach out to new markets, rather than playing defence and going into cost-cutting mode”

iMovo works closely with a number of companies within the gaming industry, including: Hero Gaming, Betclic, Bethard and Royal Panda.

According to reports, Portgual has been chosen to be the new hub of iMovo’s commercial expansion and it looks to assist companies within Europe rebuilding their businesses following the recent and ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Since iMovo was established over ten years ago, the firm has experienced significant growth and the customer engagement it has is much greater than it expected.

Unlike some other companies, iMovo is establishing itself as a ‘serious player’ in its active business sectors and is reaching out to new business markets, rather than withdrawing and cost saving.

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