MGA Games’ Arabian Bingo Takes Players On Magical Journey This Christmas

MGA Games' Arabian Bingo Takes Players On Magical Journey This Christmas

Market leaders in video-bingo and premium slot games, MGA Games has just launched Arabian Bingo, its new 100% mobile, online video-bingo game. The perfect entertainment for the festive holidays!

MGA Games’ new game invites users to ride the flying carpet with Aladdin and travel to a magical world full of prizes and adventures… all without having to leave home!

Arabian Bingo is a fantastic adventure in which Aladdin discovers the mysteries of Arabia and the incredible treasures it hides.

Together with Aladdin, users will experience great exploits and can collect additional prizes playing the 3 mini-games included in this video-bingo game.

With a chance of winning up to a 14-figure cash prize, the game also offers even more chances of winning, with their wild ball and 12 bonus balls.

Arabian Bingo has been adapted to MGA Games’ innovative mobile technology and is playable on all devices, offering a fully immersive gaming experience.

MGA Games’ familiar Triple View design and ergonomically-designed buttons allow users to be at the centre of the game and provide a truly unique mobile experience.

Thanks to their extensive network of partners, MGA Games’ Arabian Bingo is available in all main national and international online casinos, starting on December 23.

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