Spiffbet Partners with Pariplay for Casino Game Development

Spiffbet Partners with Pariplay for Casino Game Development

It has been announced that Spiffbet, a Swedish online casino game developer based in Stockholm has partnered with Pariplay, the number one aggregator in the gaming industry.

The partnership between the two gaming firms has been made as part of a new development and distribution deal for casino games within active jurisdictions and to boost customer reach whilst expanding footprint.

As part of the deal, Spiffbet will be able to utilise the partnership to develop an enhanced selection of high quality games and reach a larger audience with the established distribution network of Pariplay.

Pariplay is a leading gaming aggregator and has a long list of reputable partners within its Ignite development program, of which Spiffbet will become part of.

As a partner of Pariplay, the Swedish software company will be able to benefit from a number of innovative and extensive resource tools that will assist with future game development.

In addition, advanced technology, ready to go certifications and distribution operator partners means that both brands will be able to grow together and expand international footprints.

In this mutually beneficial deal, a number of gaming and sports operators will immediately have access to an enhanced game selection to boost offering to players and additional unique content that will be developed and released under the partnership.

Managing Director of Pariplay Adrian Bailey commented on the partnership:

We’re extremely happy to onboard Spiffbet as we continue to expand our Ignite development programme.

Seeing them choose Ignite to support with the development and distribution of their unique content just goes to show the perceived value our product has for players in the industry.

I am convinced that Spiffbet’s games will be able to grow as an integral part of our offering and develop further towards becoming a top-tier game developer through a partnership that goes beyond a traditional sales agreement.

A number of established casino game development companies currently have networks and partner programs in place and Pariplay’s Ignite program is in its fifth year. Since the formation of the program, it has grew rapidly and consistently and now has the capability to continue expanding and become a global leader in its area of expertise.

Without a doubt this a fantastic opportunity for the Swedish brand and the immediate distribution boost will allow Spiffbet to broaden the reach of an already established and impressive games portfolio.

Spiffbet’s chief executive officer Henrik Svensson shared his comments on the link up:

This is a great opportunity for Spiffbet to expand our existing partnership with Aspire Global and to increase our distribution capacity for Spiffbet’s casino games.

Pariplay’s strong position in Europe and increased presence in regulated markets such as the US give us access to new markets.

We are impressed with how Pariplay’s Ignite development has supported numerous independent game studios to develop their products, so we have confidence that our partnership with Pariplay will improve our offering.

With a strong reputation in Europe, the partnership with Pariplay will provide access to a number of different gambling operators along with new market access to otherwise untapped jurisdictions, including the United States.

Independent game studios are currently being recruited and seeking out partnerships such as this one in a bid to grow their business with the foundations already laid for distribution, which is one of the challenges that smaller, yet talented creative game developers face.

Pariplay is a development company with an established presence in the industry and is happy to partner with game creators that will not only help grow its platform, but will offer fresh engaging casino content that is unique and innovative.

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